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Five Owl Films is an independent Media & Content Creation Group started by a group of students from IIM Indore.
The aim of Five Owls has always been creating content that is both meaningful and enjoyable. Starting from a youtube channel, after multiple videos - Five Owls has become a group with the enthusiasm to build a community of content creators to make it big in this world.

First Try! First Win!

Five Owl Films achieved a milestone on 5th July 2018, when it won the first prize at the Short Film Festival organized by MAAC India and Thalassemia and Child Welfare Group. The theme was "Awareness Against Child Sexual Abuse".

We take this opportunity to spread awareness among the people about educating the young boys and girls about the difference between a bad touch and a good touch. This is a fight to change what the children of our society are facing.

What people say?

Can't praise you enough! Amazing direction, amazing choreography, amazing shots! 💙 Keep it up guys.

Sumit Choudhary, IIM Indore (Udd Gaye Video)

What people say?

Working with Five Owls was a wonderful experience. what we ended up making was just beautiful.

Nayanika, IIM Indore

What people say?

Working with Five Owls has been nothing but fun. The enjoyment was amazing.

Shantanu Verma, Member, FOF

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