Help Me!

“Help me, it’s like the walls are caving in…

Sometimes I feel like giving up…

No medicine is strong enough…”

This is a portion of a recently released song and to be honest, this is one of those few songs that was able to grasp the reality of dealing with a really devastating and depressing discourse of our inner nature.

Have you ever gone through a situation where you feel like you cannot move an inch without profusely worrying and sweating and like you are about to suffocate yourself to death? This is sadly, a real reaction in certain people and they are the ones who have anxiety disorder. No medicine is going to get them what they need.

Anxiety disorder is touted as one of the most common form of mental disorders. Almost 30% of adults suffer from anxiety disorder. Even though anxiety disorder is a mental illness, people get affected by it only at certain points on their life. You may be meeting a new person, and you won’t realise that you are actually in front of someone who is going through this.

We are all humans and it is innate in us to react to a situation nervously and a bit tensely. We strive for perfection and we tend to make us work double the amount to complete it to our satisfaction. But there are people who just need some help but cannot ask for it as it is likely that we will pay no heed to their cries for help. They may be looking into their phones, hoping you would call and give a company if he/she had said that they are not in a mood to go out with you. If the going gets tough, the people who show anxiety disorder gets weak and even think about giving up completely.

There are people who get stuck in their rooms, not able to open the door and reach out those next to them. To them, the world is falling apart and there is no rope for them to grasp as the last straw. They always show the tendency to take in something in the form of drugs or alcohol because for them being drunk or drugged gets them to not worry about their ‘abnormal, extensively jumpy, nervy’ brain. All they need is somebody to notice their panic attacks and other familiar and unfamiliar behaviors.

So people, look around. There may be friends who want some help. Don’t think that your advice is going to help them to pick the pieces and walk off to the sunset in happiness. Show them that you care about them. Be there for them when they falter and lend them the shoulder to lean on.

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Blog by: Chithra R

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