An Open Letter To The Person Who Has Always Appreciated Me

. One year ago, I did not even know you and today It hurts even to imagine life without you.  I have thrown tantrums and cried out my frustrations in front of you and you accepted those tantrums and subdued them silently with tight and protective hugs. You wiped off those […]

How I earned the term ‘Creative’

A blank canvas, a pencil tucked in behind the ear, a wooden palette full of mixed colors and shades and brushes in hand. The typical image someone would create when on hearing the word ‘artist.’ Well, that is how we have seen them in magazines and newspapers. But, have you […]

The Treat of Tales : A Perfect Summer Evening

Sunset, Cool Breeze, Hot tea, Crispy biscuits; Whom will you imagine to be with? One’s better half would be the first choice for most of the people. Ideally, yes, I would have chosen the same, but for the past few days, I have been spending that time with the tale […]

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