She’s madness, she’s drama .
She’s craziness personified.
But most importantly she’s all the things she loves, all the people she holds close to her heart and the bullets she’s willing to take for them.
She’s the poetry she writes, the splash of colour on her canvas and the quotes she lives by.
Sometimes she’s fury, unbridled, wreckless and vain.
And then she’s pain, pure and untarnished.
She’ll push you away with all her strength that’ll cause you to bleed; only to kiss away your wounds in a way that makes the scars blush.
She’ll keep mum when you ask her if she needs you, she’ll be the strongest person you know. For amidst the chaos, she’ll never speak of the tears she shed on the rubble of her dreams and expectations. She’ll be her pride she refuses to forego and the million times her self-respect she sacrificed.
She’ll be the whirlwind in your life, keeping you on your toes yet she’ll never let you fall.

She’ll shut herself out from time to time to see if you would care enough to break down the door. Perhaps she’s scared to trust people; as the last time she closed her eyes, expecting someone to hold her hand and guide her away from the thorns; they pushed her over the cliff…

Written By: Addya Trivedi

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